Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tottenham to gazunder Derby?

The world is watching. So we asked our research team to analyse the current situation, and explain some statistical terms.

Two points from seven games means that Tottenham's Points per Match average (PpM - pronounced "pee pee em", or "peem" for short) currently stands at
0.29. When this figure is multiplied up for a full season of 38 matches, it gives a Projected Points per Season (PPpS - pronounced "peeps", although some prefer "poops") total of 10.86.

They are thus on track to beat the record for the least points ever obtained in a full Premiership season, established by Derby County just 5 months ago at 11:

This phenomenon, where a team's PPpS returns a value below the existing record, is known to statisticians as the Gazunder Effect; the difference between the PPpS and the existing record is known as the Gazunder Gap (usually pronounced "geegee", although we feel "gaga" is more appropriate). A team in this situation is said to be in the Gazunder Zone ("geezed").

So Tottenham are currently in the Gazunder Zone, and their Gazunder Gap is given by the equation:

Tottenham 10.86 - Derby 11.00 = -0.14

These figures change as every game is played. Our researchers will endeavour to keep you posted on any significant developments in this esoteric world of peems, peeps and gagas.

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