Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mind the Gap!

We are pleased to announce that our design team have come up with a new logo, which we think well expresses the Society's aims and objectives. We hope you like it.

Please note that, as a consequence of the adoption of the new logo, the Society has had to change the wording of its motto: 'Mind the Differential'. The designers were adamant that it needed changing. They felt it was too long for the new design, there were too many letters, people wouldn't be able to read it, if they could they wouldn't understand it - all the sorts of things that designers say. They suggested we needed something shorter, snappier, and came up with 'Mind the Gap'.

The Society is happy to accept this recommendation, but will continue to use the scientific concept 'differential' in its research work.

PS: the Society wishes to thank Arsenal Addict for the idea for the new logo and motto. Much better than what we had in mind!

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