Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Our Mission Statement

The GNERS is pleased to announce that it has adopted the following Mission Statement:
The Society, in consideration of the general health of the population, and mindful of the fact that there is a strong correlation between laughter and psychological well-being, encourages everyone to ROFL in whichever of the following ways take their fancy:

Laughing at the Spuds (tee hee), laughing at their fans (snigger), making up more jokes about their team (smiles), repeating endless jokes about their Club (chuckles), making jokes about their points failure (guffaws), their players (snigger, chortle), their manager (titter), their director of football (hysterical laughter), their board of directors (smirk, sneer, falls on floor clutching sides) - but most of all their two points (hyena impersonation while copious tears of laughter stream down face).

In accordance with scientific advice that such activities should be indulged in regularly but in reasonable moderation, the Society recommends that for a healthy lifestyle it is not necessary to ROFL all day long. Take a break every now and then. Five a day should be sufficient.
Proposed by Brian, Seconded by Northbanker
Passed unanimously

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