Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Are Spurs beyond a joke?

We think not - and here's 25 of the best in today's Guardian, including the first sighting of the Corluka:
When a groggy Vedran Corluka regained consciousness in the ambulance leaving the Britannia Stadium on Sunday he asked medical staff who he was. On being told he played football for Tottenham Hotspur he lapsed into a coma.
Several of these have already appeared here at Seven Sisters, including There must be some mistake and Travel warning.

Also amongst the Guardian 25 are established classics such as:

The Kinky Girl - The Funfair and the Circus - Scrabble - Oxo - The Little Boy and the Social Worker - The Toothpick - £70m-worth of Manure - The Porn Mag - The Xbox - The Special One - Championship Manager - The Strongest Team - The Cowboy - The Floating Transvestite - 169mph - The Team to Beat - The Jack Russell - The Little Boy and the Football - Bigfoot

GNERS wishes to thank all those members and supporters who have laboured long and hard, in pubs and clubs, offices and armchairs, websites and email lists, to bring these gems to the attention of the wider world.

Keep them coming.

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  1. After Spurs 2-1 defeat at The Brittania Stadium, which condemned them to the worst ever start in Premiership history, boss Juande Ramos claimed that there was no need to panic...Spurs would be in the Premiership for at least two more seasons!

    Unfortunately for Spurs fans the Dillusional one meant that those two seasons might be Winter & Spring!

    FCUK Tottenham!
    Arsenal have got the French Connection!